Research and strategy

No more consulting from a distance. We want to get to know the ins and outs of your business, product, team, and vision so that we can help your business transform with a lasting impact.

<ix-explosion>Intelligent research<ix-explosion>  

<p-underscore>AND STRATEGY<p-underscore>

Research and strategy is a marketing tool. It is the insight and data on how the world runs. Everything you see around you is not a coincidence. It is strategically placed and engraved in your mind to sell and convert.

At Vyntex, we provide a full in-depth view of your business in its current state and identify all future potentials. Our strategic approach helps both emerging and established businesses grow. We turn data into strategic decisions that help brands

Based on research, we provide strategic foresight into consumer trends, behavioral science, ethnography, and more. In other words, we plan around what will happen and not what has already happened. Start planning a better future for your business today.

As a full-service digital agency, we help you research, plan, and identify your business's next steps. Increase and better your brand awareness and fulfill your business potential.

<ix-explosion>Turning research into<ix-explosion>  

<p-underscore>DATA-DRIVEN STRATEGIES<p-underscore>

As social norms and culture shift, brands and businesses are adjusting their marketing strategy to stay relevant in this competitive market. Not sure what your business needs? Let's talk.

Identify threats & opportunities

Spot emerging trends

Focus on customer needs & demands

Minimize investment risk

Strategic business plans

Your remote business partner

What our clients

Banyan Tree logo
Adrien Lahoussaye
Head of Design & Innovation

We’ve been working with Vyntex on multiple complex projects now, following an amazingly well-done first marketing website.

What really stands out for us is the multi-faceted expertise of the team and their dedication to ensuring our success by going above and beyond at every stage.

Greenhorn logo
Marcus Field
Founder & Director

I can safely say that choosing to work with Vyntex was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

They're professional, punctual, helpful, and simply pleasant to work with, but what exceeded my expectations the most was their dedication to the project. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.

Botmock logo
Brielle Nickoloff
Cofounder & Head of Product

If you are looking for a full-service web design and development team, look no further. Vyntex's rates are extremely competitive and they still gave us white-glove service.

They provided guidance from start to finish, including support for bugs and education on how to use Webflow. In the future, our team would not hesitate to hire Vyntex again!

Our Process




Research & analyze

The first and most critical phase. This sets the foundation for the next steps. Quality research helps you understand your business and audience.
  • Evaluate your target audience and their needs
  • Analyze business strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify business goals and objectives


Spot emerging trends

Based on research and market insight, we formulate a strategy customized for your business. A good strategy sets the stage for your business to succeed.
  • Identify key audience and spot trends
  • Customized plan for your business
  • Alternative plans and approaches


Implement the strategy

Implementing the new strategy to your business is a process itself. It takes time, dedication, and patience to see this carefully executed plan unravel.
  • Step by step support
  • Guided approac
  • Flexible and agile implementation


Evaluate & control

Once your business has adapted to the new strategy, we evaluate and continue to optimize based on market feedback and data to ensure success.
  • Review performance measurements
  • Continuous optimization and implementation
  • Monitor market and environment changes


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