Aerial Canvas



Aerial Canvas is a real estate media company, the go-to company to create all marketing content for brokers, agents, architects, builders, and designers.


Aerial Canvas specializes in producing stunning photos, cinematic video tours, aerial drone videography, 4k 3D tours by Matterport, dedicated property websites, and the latest marketing solutions for the real estate industry.

 Aerial Canvas leading real estate marketing company web design
Complete redesign for a leading real estate marketing company.

Aerial Canvas tasked us to migrate their current website from Wix to Webflow with some redesigning of a few main pages. After a thorough discussion with the founder, both parties agreed it would be best to redesign from scratch as the old website was outdated and visually confusing.


Aerial Canvas is a huge website with 96 pages. The main challenge for this website was the content architecture. We had to find a way to showcase all the content that was easy for users to navigate and find.

As for the design, it was important for the client and us to stick to a simple clean design that was modern and minimal while leveraging their video assets without slowing down their load speed and web performance.

Mobile and desktop website redesigned mockup
Over 100 pages has been redesign and developed for the new website.


Like every project we do, we started with research and planning.  We started by building typography scales and color palettes that were in line with the standards of the real estate industry. A grid and design system were later created to ensure all 96 pages of the website were on brand.

The design system was created meticulously to leave no room for error in the development phase.

Once the client was happy with the designs, we moved forward to development.  We used Webflow as the client already knew he wanted his website to be built on Webflow. Although the development process was long, in the end, all 96 pages were complete and completely optimized for SEO, responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility.

Custom Webflow development for Aerial Canvas mockups
Custom Webflow development for a leading real estate marketing company.

Webflow's content management system allowed us to easily develop 96 pages while making it easy for the Aerial Canvas marketing team to manage as no programming knowledge was required to maintain a Webflow website.  

Our development team also developed a recruitment system with a custom careers page for Aerial canvas for easy hiring without using third-party companies.


We are glad to say that Aerial Canvas is very happy with their new website. The end result is a clean modern web experience that showcases all their video assets. It is now easier to navigate and explore all the content Aerial Canvas has to offer.

We look forward to working with the Aerial Canvas team in the future for all their marketing needs.

New website brand experience images
Brand new web experience for real estate experts.
Mobile-first approach for Aerial canvas mockup
Mobile-first approach.