Homm Hotels



Homm is a new brand under the Banyan Tree Group portfolio. Homm promises a sense of home, comfort, and familiarity through reliable services, thoughtful amenities, and well-designed rooms.


After working with Banyan Tree on various projects, they contacted our development team at Vyntex again to develop a website for their new brand, Homm Hotels. The website will showcase their new hotels under the Homm brand with booking functionalities, offers, concepts, galleries, and hotel overviews.

Homm Hotels case study mockup
Developing modern digital hospitality experience.


Webflow is a very advanced website builder, but it does come with limitations especially when it comes to building web applications.  Although all the functions and features required for this website points to custom development, the marketing team at Homm was set on using Webflow.

Development on Webflow is faster relatively more cost-effective than custom development (React, Angular, Vue). To keep development costs to a minimum, the client was adamant about using website builders. The main challenge for this project was implementing application logic to many pages on Webflow.

Mobile design for custom hospitality experience
Leveraging advanced Webflow's functionalities to deliver custom hospitality experience.


Our development team really wanted to help Homm find a solution for their development needs. We started by planning and learning each and every single function and feature they wanted in their website. We had to define which features and functions can be done natively on Webflow, and which will require complete custom code.

Once the structure has been set, with UX in mind, the developers proceeded to execute the planned strategy and develop a pixel-perfect website. Development for the Homm website was long as most of the project needed custom code.

The five-page Webflow website, in the end, had over 4000 lines of custom code. The project involved API integrations to their booking engine, marketing tools, and CRM, and many Javascript libraries were implemented as well.

Mobile design mockup for client experience
Customizing every section for a top-notch client experience.

We also step up an advanced CMS structure for the whole project to display all their future hotels while being easy to manage for their marketing team with no coding experience.

Through very proactive communication from the team at Homm, we delivered a digital experience that was all device responsive, cross-browser compatible, and SEO optimized for the best possible web performance. We were able to leverage the power of Webflow and overcome the limitations through creative solutions.


Banyan Tree group was in the end very satisfied with the final product. Their team can easily update and maintain their web asset. This website was built to scale along with Homm Hotels.

Easy-to-use hotel application image
Easy-to-use experience for both our client and his users.
Webflow development for Homm Hotel mockup
Webflow development for a brand new hotel group.