Minespider is the leading traceability platform for mining and raw materials tracking. Their platform builds the future of carbon-neutral, sustainable supply chains.



Minespider is a web-based platform that aims to bring transparency and accountability to the mining industry. They provide a comprehensive and publicly accessible database of mining companies and their associated mineral supply chains. The platform allows users to search for specific mining companies and view information about their operations, including details about the mines they operate, the minerals they produce, and the countries in which they operate. We were tasked to give their brand a "digital facelift" by redesigning and developing their website.


We redesigned and developed Minespider's website to enhance its digital presence and implement marketing solutions to attract potential customers. The challenge was to design a cohesive and visually appealing user experience that effectively integrated the mineral industry and blockchain technology. To achieve this goal, a comprehensive plan was devised that included the development of detailed service pages to serve as landing pages, complete with an appointment scheduling feature. A modern and engaging blog was also incorporated to provide informative content and generate interest in the platform. Additionally, a stable and efficient marketing infrastructure was established to support the promotion and growth of Minespider.


With the full cooperation and support of Minespider, our design and development team were able to successfully address the challenges and deliver a comprehensive digital solution that exceeded the client's expectations.

In addition to creating a visually appealing and user-friendly digital experience, we also optimized search engine rankings and increased brand exposure to enhance Minespider's online presence. We believe that the new digital identity we have created for Minespider will enable the company to establish long-term trust with its customers and drive conversion rates.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful project that leverages advanced technology to promote transparency and accountability in the mining industry and support human rights in developing countries.


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