Minspider is a blockchain-based platform for supply chain traceability. They envision a world where tracked, responsible products are the norm rather than the exception.


We were very excited to work with Minespider. This innovative company has received funds from the European Union and has worked with industry giants such as Google, Volkswagen, and more.

Minespider contacted us to create a new digital identity and website for their company. We love what they do and align with their brand values which are transparency and responsibility.

Design system mockup - Minespider
Design system - Minespider


Minespider was not happy with its current digital image and needed to add marketing solutions for its potential customers. The challenge was to create a visual language that would integrate the mineral industry and blockchain technology by designing a unique and modern user experience.

The plan included detailed service pages that served as landing pages with an appointment scheduling element, a modern blog, and a stable marketing infrastructure.

Designing interactive and modern website navigation
Designing interactive and modern website navigation.


In order to achieve and go beyond our client's expectations, we started by characterizing the work. We learned about the target audience and researched the market and their competitors.

Once the characterization was stable and met customer expectations, we started building the initial impression of the company. The first impression is the most critical step in creating the brand image. We went through potential color palettes that work well with minerals and the world of advanced technology.

User friendly scheduling systems with integrations mockups
User friendly scheduling systems with integrations.

Thanks to open communication, we were able to reach a final prototype that combines customer needs and market standards.

The web design and branding included custom UI creation, icon design for the brand, illustrations, and animations that will support the brand message that the site needs to convey to the target audience.

For Minespider, it was important to incorporate modern animations in all parts of the site in order to emphasize the technological aspect and the world standard.

We chose to work with Webflow's development software to create an advanced digital experience. We wanted a website that was not online exceptional for its visitors but also a CMS that is easy to manage and update for the Minespider marketing team.

Thanks to the detailed prototype we created in Figma, the development team had no room for imagination and the transition between the planned design and the final product was simple and quick.

We have created an advanced content management system in Webflow for the client that does not require any prior knowledge in programming. We built an integration between the site systems and the customer management systems for their marketing team.


With the full cooperation of Minespider, our design and development team were able to overcome the challenges and give the brand its necessary "facelift".

Aside from creating a digital experience that met the client's standards, we were also able to optimize search engine rankings and brand exposure. We believe Minespider's new digital identity will be able to build long-term trust with their customers and increase conversion rates.

We are pleased to take part in such a significant project which creates advanced technology and fights for human rights in developing countries.

Minespiders first impressions mockups
Designing and developing company's first impression
Minespider's end result - Desktop mockups
Minespider's end result - Desktop mockups