Alipa Port

Home to over 40 boat rental companies, Alipa provides unforgettable boating experiences tailored to meet visitors' and travelers' diverse needs and preferences.



We were hired by Alipa for a complete digital transformation from branding and web design to web development and digital marketing. Alipa wanted to create a brand identity that stood out in a competitive market and a website that provided a seamless user experience. The goal was to attract more visitors and increase sales for the boat rental companies operating within the area.


There were three main challenges for the Alipa project. The first was to create a brand identity and website that would differentiate the destination from other similar boating destinations in the region. We recognized the need to showcase Alipa's unique offerings and ensure that the Alipa brand appealed to a wide range of visitors, from adventure seekers to families and retirees. Second was search engine optimization (SEO) was also of great importance to help increase visibility and attract more visitors to the website - we had to ensure that it appeared at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Lastly, we needed to provide a seamless user experience on the website, with easy navigation and clear calls to action.


To overcome the challenges and create a brand identity and website that effectively showcased the unique offerings of Alipa, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that included creating a unique brand identity, brand values, UI/UX design, website development, and a customized digital marketing strategy. We focused on creating a modern and eye-catching design that showcased the natural beauty of Alipa Port, in Corfu, Greece. 

Our team created a brand identity that showcased the variety of experiences and activities available in the destination. We developed a modern logo, color palette, and typography that reflected the natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere of the area. Our designers used a fun color palette inspired by the natural surroundings with pops of color. They also used modern typography to give the brand a fresh and contemporary feel.

The website was developed on Webflow. It provides a seamless user experience, with easy navigation, clear calls-to-action, a booking component with checkout integrated into Stripe, and informative content that highlights the different boat rental options and activities available.

The website was optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) to improve its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. The website was also designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring that it could be accessed from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

To increase website traffic, generate leads, and boost sales, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We leveraged social media, Google Ads, and other digital channels to promote the destination and the different boating experiences available. We also included a content marketing strategy, creating valuable and informative blog posts, and articles that highlighted the unique features of Alipa, including insider tips, boating safety, and more.


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