GreenHorn is a team of dedicated educators and mentors on an assignment to show every student just how great they can be.


Greenhorn is an Australian education service focused on helping every kid see their own brilliance through teaching strategies, building motivation, and student development. For this project, we had the pleasure of working directly with Marcus Field, the founder and director of Greenhorn.

Marcus had a clear vision of what he wanted Greenhorn to look like and he chose us to help him make his vision a reality. We were honored to be a part of this project.

Greenhorn Project
Planning and designing educational website's first impression


As an education platform focusing on tutoring kids who lack motivation for learning and kids with learning difficulties, it was important to deliver a website that was fun, interactive, and engaging for the students, and reliable and trustworthy for the parents.

Greenhorn is also a relatively new company, we had to find ways for the business to stand out from its competitors who have been in the industry for over a decade.

User friendly mobile design
Designing simple, and user friendly educational website.


Marcus was not satisfied with his previous Greenhorn brand manual. The typography was too simple and overall lacked the "wow" factor. We reworked his old brand manual and came up with a new color palette and typography system that was more suitable for his brand.

By analyzing Greenhorn's competitors and the education industry in Australia, we created a design system and visual language that will help his start-up stand out in the industry.

Marcus provided all of the written content for the website, and our designer custom illustrated sketches and doodles based on his instructions to match the content. The illustrations took the majority of the design time, as we followed a specific abstract style that Marcus liked.

Marcus was very proactive in the design phase. His feedbacks and open communication really helped us move forward with the UIUX design. Once the design was finalized and Marcus was satisfied, we moved on to development.

Greenhorn mobile-first design mockups
Mobile first approach with the targeted audience in mind.

For development, we used Webflow. Like us, Webflow was Marcus's platform of choice. We utilized Webflow's CMS to build him a blog to go along with this website. We made sure to structure the website for non-coders so it was easy to manage and upload content.

Our developers added custom interactions and Lottie animations to deliver a world-class web experience. The team made sure the website was fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and SEO optimized following Google's latest standards.


We are proud to say that Marcus is very happy with the outcome of this project. From the custom illustrations and interactions to the overall web performance, we delivered a digital asset that will scale along with his business.

Greenhorn custom illustrations
Clear brand message through custom illustrations.
Advanced visual language development mockup
Developing advanced visual language with a smooth onboarding experience.