Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree is an international hospitality brand that manages and develops resorts, hotels, and spas in Asia, America, Africa, and the Middle East.



Covid-19 caused devastating financial damages worldwide. The hospitality and tourism industry especially suffered as the pandemic resulted in travel restriction and bans that lasted for years. Banyan Tree Holdings, which owns over 90 hotels around the world, faced the same issues and difficulties. Banyan Tree tasked us to create multiple websites to solve the challenges brought on by the pandemic through immersing visitors in unique UI/UX designs and digital experiences that promotes travel, quarantine stays, and wellness centers.


Banyan Tree’s brand has been around for two decades and there were already strict design and branding guideline in place. The challenge was to keep and maintain their current branding rules while designing a new digital strategy that will fit the needs of the hotel during the pandemic. The hotel chain asked us to create original digital solutions that will help their customers receive useful information, learn about their new quarantine services, and prepare them for the end of lockdowns.


As the goal of these websites are to become powerful marketing tools for Banyan Tree, it was important for us to develop modern and reliable websites that met the high expectations of the company. Creating a memorable digital experience requires more than a good development and design team. One of the most complex areas in the UI/UX world today is creativity on how to interact with visitors, and help them explore and be exposed to content.

This project was developed in Webflow. Webflow offers a sophisticated built-in CMS. As the website is multi-language (English and Chinese), it was important to have a convenient and easy-to-use content management system for the company's marketing team. To preserve the integrity of the animations and interactions on the website for desktop and mobile, multiple versions of animations that were completely customizable were created to ensure seamless transition for all users on all devices.

In recent years, the hospitality and tourism industry dove into the world of technology. Competition is growing as new boutique hotels are emerging. The luxury hotel experience no longer starts when customers enter the door- it starts from the moment the customers visit the website. By directly collaborating and communicating with the Banyan Tree's design and marketing team, we were able to come up with strategic modern solutions to help the company navigate through the pandemic.


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