Botmock (acquired by Walmart)

Botmock is a visual canvas for your chatbot, ivr, and voice-first conversation designs. They turn your ideas into a fully functional chatbot or voice-enabled prototype.



Botmock builds conversational design tools that have been revolutionizing the industry since 2016. They have helped over 4000 teams from over 30 countries. Since their start in 2016, had the same website, and in 2021, they decided it was time for a change. For this project, we worked closely with Botmock's co-founder and head of product, Brielle Nickoloff. She tasked us with rebranding, redesigning, and redeveloping the new Botmock website.


We needed to create a storytelling web design that brings Brielle's and Botmock's vision to life. The main goal of the design was to simplify a complex product by creating a user-friendly interface and engaging illustrations. As for the website's structure, our goal was to restructure hundreds of pages to provide a better content discovery flow for the users.


We started this project with thorough market, competitor, keyword, and user behavior research. Based on the research data gathered, our team created a data-driven design strategy that targeted Botmock's audience. Brand manuals and design systems were created following Botmock's brand strategy, brand value, and brand message.

The rebranded and redesigned Botmock website was built on Webflow. Webflow allowed Botmock's internal team to edit, add, and update their website with ease and without code. We set up an easy-to-use CMS for their blogs and insights as well as a multi-step form for their clients and new customers.

Working with Brielle and the Botmock team was such an amazing experience. Her knowledge of the product exceeded our expectations and her expertise set new standards in the industry. Walmart has since acquired Botmock as a "technology asset." We are excited to see what is next in store for Botmock's team.


In the last 5 years we have helped hundreds of small businesses and enterprises scale.