Botmock is a visual canvas for your chatbot, IVR, and voice-first conversation designs. They turn your ideas into a fully functional chatbot or voice-enabled prototype.


Botmock builds conversation design tools that have been revolutionizing the industry since 2017. They have helped over 4000 teams from over 30 countries. They had the same website since 2017, and in 2021, they decided it was time for a revamp.

For this project, we worked with Botmock's cofounder and head of product, Brielle Nickoloff. Brielle tasked us with rebranding, redesigning, and redeveloping their business website.

Botmock web design mockup
Designing new digital identity for Botmock


For Botmock, it was important for us to create a storytelling design that brings the client's vision to life. The main goal for the design was to simplify a complex product through creating a user-friendly interface and engaging illustrations.

As for the structure of the website, our goal was to restructure hundreds of pages to provide a better content discovery flow for the users.

Unique digital experience for Botmock mockup
Telling Botmock's story through unique digital experience.


We started this project by doing thorough market, competitor, keyword, and user behavior research. This is standard practice for us as proper research and planning lead to better results. Based on the research data gathered, our team created a data-driven design strategy that targeted Botmock's audience.

We rebranded Botmock starting with color palettes and typography. At this time, we worked closely with Brielle from Botmock to determine the brand strategy, value, and message.

Once the client was satisfied with the rebranding, we moved on to the UIUX design. Brielle had a very clever fairytale vision for Botmock. She worked closely with our designer to create custom illustrations and animations that told a story where Botmock was a knight in shining armor that came to save the day.

Mobile-first website redesign mockups
Mobile-first website redesign approach.

Once the design was finalized, we moved on to development. For this project, we used Webflow. It was our platform of choice for this website, and also Brielle's.

Webflow not only allows our developers to build pixel-perfect websites that follow the Figma design 1:1, but it also has a very easy-to-use built-in content management system that was perfect for Brielle and her team to manage without writing a single line of code.

The final product was a clean, beautiful website that is cross-browser compatible, all device responsive, and web performance and SEO optimized to maximize the product's true potential.


Working with Brielle and Botmock was such an amazing experience for us. We really appreciate her hands-on approach throughout the whole process. Her knowledge of her product exceeded our expectations and her expertise set new standards in her industry.

Illustrations and animations for Botmock
Illustrations and animations that support the brand's message.
Mobile experience for Botmock Mockup
Clear and easy-to-use mobile experience.