Get Flashy

Get Flashy is an innovative platform with cutting edge AI technology that scales commercial photography by connecting photographers to businesses.



Get Flashy is a platform that connects photographers to some of the largest brands in the world. They offer quality digital content with one-click booking and custom requirements and solutions. We were asked to design and develop a new website for their platform that would scale all of their marketing needs, showcase their product, bring new freelance photographers and clients, and improve their CTR and conversions.


The challenge was to keep the UI/UX design simple and clean backed by a solid design system so the design can stand the test of time. It was important for the client to showcase the photography on the website without it disctracting from the overall brand message. The website was divided into two parts, for photographers and for their clients. Messaging on both sides had to be direct and to the point to maximize efficiency.


For the photographer's section of the website, we structured the site to be easy to navigate while applying focus on all the benefits Get Flashy offers for each photographer from accounting services to booking and payment. For the client side, the main goal of the design was to entice businesses to book photographers by highlighting the platform's benefits, ease of use, services, and reliability.

Once the design was approved by the founder of Get Flashy and their marketing team, the design was developed into Webflow. The website is all-device responsive, cross-browser compatible, and optimized for performance.

The end result was a beautiful website that immersed its visitors, photographers, and businesses, in one of a kind digital journey experience. Get Flashy's website now also acts as a powerful marketing tool for their marketing team to utilize.


In the last 5 years we have helped hundreds of small businesses and enterprises scale.