Hideo Ventures



Hideo Ventures is a proprietary quantitative crypto trading firm. They specialize in using statistical and mathematical methods to invest in crypto-assets markets.


As crypto trading experts, Hideo Ventures wanted a unique web experience that can "wow" their clients and future investors. They tasked our team at Vyntex with designing and developing a one-of-a-kind digital experience.

Hideo Ventures had a very specific request. They wanted a web experience for their investors and a recruitment system. The main site was to incorporate complex animations unique to the financial field that is modern, fresh, and prominent.

Custom website design and development for a Crypto Fund
Custom website design and development using advanced animations.


The FinTech industry, especially the field of digital currencies and blockchain, has very high standards for websites and digital experiences. Designs must be on point with the brand message while conveying reliability, performance, and service.

The client asked for animation that simulates trading with a combination of buyers and sellers in the market while maintaining a minimalist design that will not distract surfers from the message.

Light / dark mode mockup for different audiences
Light / dark mode for different audiences.


Market research was the first step, we gathered information on the most modern design systems in the financial field in order to help our client compete and stand out in the global market. We then started planning and testing different typography styles.

Once we were satisfied with the visual langue, we moved on the planning the interactions and animations for the site.  For the animations, we combined advanced WebGL technologies together with Three.js and uploaded the final product to Webflow.

Webflow was our platform of choice as it gave the client full control of the site. Webflow makes websites easy to manage and maintain for clients with no knowledge of code. To give icons and drawings life, we used Lottie's technology (developed by Airbnb). The visual language we created helped us preserve and strengthen Hideo Venture's brand message.

The next step was to create a manpower system where the company could advertise job openings and actually create landing pages for the specific audience they are looking for.

Mockup of easy to use careers page
Combing an easy to use in-house hiring systems

The recruitment system preserved the design language we created for the brand but is accompanied by a twist that separates the investors in the company from those who are interested in working for it.

Now people who want to apply to the company can upload their resume directly to the company and both parties can avoid working with third-party staffing companies.


It's been a pleasure working with Hideo Ventures. Clear and transparent communication was key to the success of the project. With the full cooperation of the client, we were able to meet the complex design task and win another happy client. The site garnered a slew of compliments and was able to improve performance and attract new investors.

Advanced Three.js animations
Minimal messaging layout combined with advanced Three.js animations.
Branding for Hideo Ventures mockup
Lightning colors combined with solid brand identity

For the company, the site saves time and money for the recruitment team who does not have to depend on staffing companies. They can now create an ad on the company site and do independent and exclusive marketing.